Swipe Right on Web Guide

Could there be a way to add the ability to swipe right on the Web guide instead of just viewing a 3 hour slot to view. When you scroll down to the middle or to the end of the guide and I want to view a channels programming past the current view, You have to go all the back up and choose the next 3 hour slot. The ability to scroll right on the guide works on the Fire TV and IOS apps. The web guide for me is the best way to setup up my recordings so the video can been watched on screen.. It would be nice on the device apps if the currently viewed channel video could still be displayed in a small window or at least the audio playing in the background, while viewing the guide so not to miss any action while viewing other programming with guide

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As to your first request, I believe it may be a resource issue. Loading that much data into an infinitely scrolling view on the DVR server's web UI may be a huge memory sink, especially for resource strained devices. I feel the 3 hour block is fine, although maybe 6 or 12 hours could be used in the future as long as it doesn't use too much memory.

On the second request, that is a very frequently requested feature, so you are not alone.

I would settle for 6 hours slot. If not that maybe the ability to be able to click on the channel itself and be able to view its programs that way. Maybe just for the day and also be able to do this on the device apps as well.

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