Swiping to the next channel


I would really appreciate if you could introduce the following feature.

When I am watching a specific channel, I would like to view next channel by swiping with the finger from right to left, instead of pressing "done" and then select another channel. Like when you browse photos on the smartphone.

I remember this feature was available on the IOS app EyeTV in the past (2014)

You can scroll through channels with the info bar at the bottom of the video player.

uhm, using my ipad, at the bottom of the video player I can see the previously played channel only

At the bottom of the player should be the Quick Guide. You can scroll that channel listing up/down, and then select a channel to view from there.

Swipe up and down with your finger. Tap the other channel to get to it.

I think this should be improved as it is not so intuitive: I didn't realized that before reading the two last posts..

It swiping is not possible, maybe it would be a good idea to allow a double tap on the left/right side of the screen to switch to previous/next channel. What do you think?

Swiping left and right already seeks through the timeline. And we may be moving to tapping on the left and right sides since this is what other video players are starting to standardize on.

There's plans for a redesign next year for the video player. This information is helpful for that process.