Switching to NAS

I’m switching to a nas from a computer. I am going to connect the current hard drive to the Nas. How to I see my already recorded content. I there anything I need to prepare?

Click Save Database Backup.

On the new NAS, visit http://x.x.x.x:8089/restore and pick the latest backup

That was easy. Will the DVR automatically record to the Nas internal hard drive if the external fills up ?


I did the backup. Now I need to transfer the files ( going to use the NAS internal storage). How do I know which folder?

Make a new DVR share on the NAS and copy it there.

I couldn't find a way to copy the files. I backed up the content to the nas. Hope it works

Source Folder * Backup__Hub_BK-2
Destination Folder * channels
Status Backup in Progress
Backup Type Copy
Auto Start When Connected OFF
Recover Backup Recover