Synchronizing multiple rooms watching a common channel with apple TVs


Does anyone know of a way to ensure two or more apple TVs can remain synchronized when receiving/viewing the same free to air program via channels and HD Home run?

The scenario I am try to fix is we use a common HD Home run connect to feed our apple TVs with channels installed and wish to watch the same free to air program in multiple rooms without any substantial echo.


Ain't gonna happen.

You get the echo effect because even if the sound arrives at and is emitted by each device at exactly the same time, it takes time to travel through the air from that point to where you are. If you're closer to one device than another: Echo effect. The greater the distance difference, the greater the effect.

Then there are ceilings, walls, possibly bare floors, cabinetry, any hard-surfaced furniture, etc.


You’d be surprised. Because there’s practically any processing or buffering, you can start a program on two TVs and they’re pretty close to in sync.

Don’t pause either of them, and if you do, stop playback and restart.

I’ve done this in my family room and adjacent kitchen with pretty great results. At least on the Apple TV.

Obviously ymmv.


I don't doubt that for a minute. But...

Sure. If I fire Channels up on, say, the living room TV and computer room TV, and stand more-or-less equidistant from each: No echo. But if the TV's on in the family room, which would put it about twice as far away as the other two: Echo.

My wife's hearing is much better than mine. I've actually had it happen where we were watching the same thing, her in the family room and me in the computer room, and have her ask me to turn it down a bit, because the echo effect was driving her nuts.


I am wondering if this is more of an HD Homerun feature. – I don’t know how synchronized the two streams of a same program are when leaving it. Quite often there can be a couple of seconds between two programs and sometimes they are very close etc.


I have used exactly the same set up with a bunch of cable tv set top boxes and performance has been good enough for family use etc. so am fairly confident the physical environment is not a significant contributing factor for this scenario. With that said the wife has suggested installing doors to solve the issue!


It’s true you’ll get an echo. You can’t beat acoustics. But if you’re just worried about being at the same time, it works well.


I imagine it might be more hit-and-miss with the synch if you are streaming directly from the tuners to client, as each client will have its own separate stream from the tuner(s) to the respective client. However, they might be a bit more in synch if you have a Channels DVR server and "Tuner Sharing" enabled; in this way, there is only a single source of the stream, regardless of the number of clients, all being served from the DVR server rather than individually from tuner(s) directly.

I also imagine that your network topology and bandwidth might play a part, too, as several 15Mbps streams flying over a WiFi network might saturate it, whereas the same bandwidth may not be an issue at all with GbE.


I have airplay playing on multiple speakers throughout my house and don't notice this at all.

It takes sound 0.029 seconds to travel 10 metres. says...

The Delay And Echo > Delay effect can be used to create single echoes, as well as a number of other effects. Delays of 35 milliseconds or more create discrete echoes, while those between 15‑34 milliseconds can create a simple chorus or flanging effect. (These results won’t be as effective as the Chorus or Flanger effects in Adobe Audition, because the delay settings don’t change over time.)

So at that distance you won't get an echo effect, and if the distance is less than 5 metres you won't get any effect at all.