Synology 218+ - extra RAM worthwhile?

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I just setup my Channels DVR on a Synology DS 218+ NAS. It came with the standard 2GB of RAM and everything is working great. I did notice several folks upgrading the RAM to the 6GB max for this device.

Is there any benefit to upgrading to more RAM in this NAS for Channels DVR? The RAM is pretty cheap and looks simple to install, so thinking of just doing it, but figured I'd ask for any opinions to push me over the edge to just buy it and do it.


If Channels DVR is the only thing running then 2GB is plenty :slight_smile:

If it is affordable more Ram is always better.

I believe you will not regret your decision to go with Synology NAS. The Synology DSM OS is arguably the best. I have 2x Synology NAS at my office and 2x in my home for offsite backup. The backup system options are excellent. I also, use it for PLEX and other options. So, once you look at all the applications available (like web server, SSL, PLEX) you maybe find other options that would help to have more memory. And of course Channels DVR is extremely solid on Synology NAS.


Yes - just get generic RAM from Amazon

If you want to run VMs then you will need extra RAM.
If not, then you probably will never fully use the 2GB.
I have 2GB RAM on my 916+ and am running Channels DVR, Unifi Controller, Homebridge, Maria10 sql db, a couple websites, DNS Server, DHCP Server, Note Station, Photo Station, Video Station, Surveillance Station (recording 2 camera streams 24/7)... and more.
I am currently using 58% of my 2GB RAM. So, you would get better use of the money to upgrade RAM by using it for something else.

Unless you want to run multiple other operating systems in Virtual Machines on the NAS.... then the RAM would be useful.

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Yes!!!!!!!. I bought my drive and bought 4 more GB on Amazon for 23 bucks. Its worth the money so you can run other packages in your drive.