Synology 5-bay DiskStation DS1522+?

Anyone have experience with this unit? Was wanting this over the 920+ given the extra bay and 2 NVMe slots as well as higher memory ceiling. However, I see it has a AMD Ryzen R1600 (2 core) vs the 920+ Celeron J4125 (4 Core).

I push anywhere from 1-4 TVs at a time and on occasion watch remotely on my usually running at 3 mbps. Also have a few virtual channels feeding up imported content but not sure if that strains the CPU with any transcoding.

Thanks for any feedback.


There is no hardware transcoding support on that unit. It should be fine otherwise.

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Thanks. Transcoding only comes into play with remote access (web browser, internet or cellular) correct? How about import content within the local LAN? Does it have to do any transcoding of the import content when just watching within my home? And does the CPU within this unit have the horsepower through software for any of the above?


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Should be I think.

Personally I am waiting to see what other 2022 models will be released

Much appreciated. I think I'll go ahead and get the 1522 model and sit on it for a few weeks to see if any announcements are made.

I'm also waiting to see what the new 2023 models are, DS923+?
Not sure if they're going away from Intel to AMD after seeing the DS1522+.
My two (DS1513+ & DS1019+) are showing their age, although both are running the latest DSM 7.1 build

Might want to take a look at synoforum that started after so many Synology owners became upset with the Official Synology forum changes.

Take a look at these

So we now know what the DS923+ is going to look like, and it turns out it is pretty much the DS1522+ minus a drive bay:

Like others, I was waiting for the DS923+ but without hardware transcoding I'm not sure. I use my current DS918+ for much more than just Channels and Plex, so I would like the more powerful processor and 10GbE ability (with the addition of the Network Upgrade Module).

But streaming is still very important. Realistically, what does no hardware transcoding mean? I have at most 1-2 simultaneous concurrent remote streams. Is that going to bring the DS923+ to its knees? Would I see a significant performance hit while streaming?

What did you find out and decide? Both my QNAP boxes are no longer getting security patches so I'm going to go to Synology. I'm looking at the DS923+ and DS1522+ as my short list. I am waffling on whether to stay with QNAP to get an Intel CPU, but I don't use Plex at all so not sure it would matter. I am favoring the 1522 because it can aggregate the 4 1G LAN ports and it has 4GB more RAM. Seems like a better value, but I started out thinking I was going to squeeze into a 2 bay and now have done what I do when looking at tech. :slight_smile:

I ended up picking up the 1520+ (intel based previous gen) so that I didn't sacrifice streaming which is my greatest need as a home user.

Unfortunately all the older models seem to be out of stock everywhere except the 2bay, so I'm leaning toward the 1522+ My goal is to get rid of the Mac Mini with 3 external drives, but that is 30TB of storage there. I may just leave that alone as it will cost a lot to move it and all I'll have in return is a more compact package on the shelf.

Eh... I still have my DS918+, and it doesn't look like I am upgrading it any time soon. Which is fine, because it still works pretty well. I've watched several videos that say the DS923+ is a great NAS but kind of stinks at transcoding. Particularly when it is 4K. So I am waiting to see what happens if/when they release a DS1623+. I wouldn't mind the extra drive bays. And maybe they will listen to their customers and stick a processor in it that is capable of transcoding!

Thanks for the feedback. I am in a situation where I have to do something with my NAS and whether I roll Channels into it directly or not is up in question. Currently have a 6 and 2 bay QNAP that are no longer getting security patches. After much watching of reviews, I pulled the trigger on the DS1522+. The only Intel model still available now is the DS220+. If the DS920+ was still available new I'd probably have bought that without question. Only source is a few on Ebay at elevated prices. Really torn between them frankly. I hate it when companies make product decisions like this. I don't think anything in their 23 versions will go back to Intel, probably the next year either. Seems like it takes companies a long time to correct bad choices.

Thus far I'm not doing much with transcoding and don't use Plex, so hopefully no real concerns. My fallback plan is to keep Channels (or Plex if I decide to give that a go) on the Mac Mini and upgrade the network to 10Gbe so that I can use the NAS as the storage. I have 3 x 10TB external drives on the Mini dedicated to Channels and to put that in the NAS would occupy 3 bays of 16TB drives to have any redundancy (which I don't really need for Channels). I will probably leave that as a mess on my bookshelf!

I ended up buying a DS1522+ and I will continue using the Mac Mini to run Channels. I'm slowly moving all my /TV and /Movies content from the external drives to the DS. Seems to be performing fine thus far. The Mac Mini is totally silent and compact and has a lot of horsepower for being 10 years old. I'll repurpose the 3 10TB external drives for NAS backups that I can rotate off site.

Will be curious on your experience with streaming offsite long-term. I've also fired up Plex again to play with as well as JellyFish. The 1520+ hasn't hiccuped yet, but don't know if the Intel was overkill for my needs or not.

It shouldn't be any different than its been before since its still running on the Mac Mini.

Yup, misread your first sentence. Ah well, I'll have to toil under the uncertainty of my decision for just a little while longer. :wink:

Its not necessarily a bad thing offloading compute heavy tasks to a NUC device, as they are better suited. I've possibly got a decision to make upcoming. I needed to migrate my 2012 Mac Mini to Catalina to be compatible with Synology Active Backup for Business. I recall that I had to update it to Mojave a couple years ago to be compatible with Docker Desktop. Well in the upgrade I lost my Docker setup for Pluto and Stirr. In getting it going again I thought I might have to reinstall Docker Decktop, but thankfully I did not. There latest version of MacOS now is a lot newer than my 2012 Mac Mini supports, so I can never update Docker Desktop or I no longer can run Docker on it. A that time I'll need to either shift Docker to the Synology or buy a "newer" old Mac Mini. The M1 has been calling me though. A new one of those with 10Gbe is pretty reasonable.

I'm in a similar boat with a 2012 iMac, 27" screen that I love. It's Fusion Drive crapped out, as so many seem to do, but I got an external SSD that works over USB much better. It's a great machine and running Channels DVR perfectly well for my needs, but it's maxxed out at macOS Mojave and Docker Desktop is complaining, it's no longer supported and also not updating. I was starting to consider a whole new Mac mini, external screen, lots of hassle and expense to "handle" this. Tech-savvy friends have highly recommended OpenCore Legacy Patcher though, they said it worked perfectly for them, with zero issues, so I'm considering it now too. I used something similar on an Xserve many years back with great success. OpenCore Legacy Patcher would allow me to install Monterey or Ventura on this iMac, which (at least for my purposes) would breathe some new life into it and save me lots of $$. This would allow for the update to the most current and supported Docker Desktop.

Of course there are other ways to run dockers without Docker Desktop, too. Just thought I'd pass along this off-topic info if that could be helpful for you, too. Now back to your regularly scheduled thread :slight_smile:

Thanks for the info. I looked at that but ended up fine with Catalina for now, and getting there wasn’t easy. It kept getting stuck part way through. I ended up formatting, reinstalling Mojave, upgrading to Catalina, restoring from Time Machine, then fixing a bunch of stuff. I have 1.5TB of SSD on that old machine and it’s mostly full of pictures I need to migrate off to the NAS so I didn’t want to try anything else risky until I get that taken care of. It’s mostly my wife’s pictures from years back.

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