Synology DS218+ HDD Recommendations

Just got a DS218+ for my birthday. Any HDD recommendations?

Any drive designated as a NAS drive will work well. Don't use anything designated as power-saving like the WD Green. And don't use drives that use SMR technology.

Personally, I use WD Red drives, I've got 9 of them in a RAID6 array. They last, are reliable, and have a great warranty (3 years). In the case that a drive fails or starts having occasional I/O errors, they replace it right away... they'll even ship you a new drive before you return the previous one, so you can reuse the box they used to send the new one.

I shucked 2 of these in 8TB and put it in my new 1019+. I’m thinking about getting 1 more to have increased storage ability.

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