Synology DS220+ $227 at Amazon

I’m still laughing at this @maddox did you really recommend doing that?

If the only thing you’re running on it is channels and the Pluto and Stirr dockers, 2GB is probably fine. If you’re going to do other things like surveillance station, or run your ubiquiti controller on it, you’ll need more memory. I had enough stuff running that the disks started to struggle to keep up, and the entire thing slowed down. The Olympics with many recordings really crushed it. Added another 4GB and it’s much snappier now.

For the record I have several year old WD Reds in there and now that it has enough memory my skips are instantaneous again. Just be sure to get the “red pro” line if you go that way now.

Red Plus is fine

No but my NAS might have a bunch

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I respectfully disagree. I've been using my shucked drives for 2 years now and they have worked great.


Thanks for correcting me. I really need to stop relying on my memory…

Thank you all for your input. I went with: DS220+ and 2 Seagate IronWolf 4TBs for a RAID 1 install. Also there is no option for the SSD as there is no slot for it and I don't even shuck my own oysters, let alone my NAS.

I am now running a Windows "Fresh Start" on my 2016 Toshiba C75D-B7200 with an AMD A6. It was very cranky this morning. If anyone has any advice of what consequences or improves running the Fresh Start feature (which apparently no longer exists) - may have, I'm all ears.

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Solid setup for future success, which is more than I can say for the NE Patriots :grin: Go Chiefs

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Lol. Nice jab. Although no more Cam. Thankfully. Mack Jones from here on out. BTW I literally had a shirt signed by Mitchell Schwartz a couple days ago. I work with his dad.

Go all out on size. 14 TB Exos drives $20.64 per TB

I have no problem with skipping forwards/backwards in live tv