Synology DS220+ $227 at Amazon


Is this good for Channels DVR subscription?

Yes it is the most popular NAS for Channels DVR

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Great. I thought someone said the 218+ was the most popular. Can you recommend the had drives for it?

220+ is the updated version of the 218+. Same thing with a better CPU.

OK. I read the the 218+ is better for Plex (, but I think I like the 220+. What about hard drives?

Samsung SSD. (Kicks the hornets nest) :flushed:

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Should I upgrade the ram or is the 2gb DDR4 sufficient?

Channels itself really isn’t ram intensive so I would think 2 would be enough. If you want to run other packages upgrade would not hurt I guess

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Perfect. Which Samsung SSD would you recommend? Sorry, but I want to be sure I am not ordering the wrong thing. If all goes to plan, i will start my Channels DVR subscription tomorrow.

SSD was a joke I think, its not worth it to spend that much money. You can get any HDD. I think if you search the forums you can find more information. @racameron has posted some details about different types and brands. It is not an area I am very familiar with.

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I would go with compatible drives as found on Synology website.
You don't want SSD's as your primary drives in the NAS.

And don't listen to people that say to buy an external USB portable drive and shuck the bare drive (white label) to use in a Synology. That's just asking for trouble.


Disclaimer: most people would say an ssd is way overkill and they are not necessarily wrong. But when I hit that 30second skip button between football tackles on a recording it’s playing instantly. I expect immediate gratification. I’ve always had great luck with Samsung evo. Size wise that’s personal. Just count 5-8Gb for each 1 hour show. I keep my dvr clean so 1Tb works great for me

OH. Lol. I didn't even realize that response wasn't from you. One last question (fingers crossed). I have a 2016ish Toshiba C75D-B7200 laptop with an AMD A6. It got stashed in the closet for a reason, but I was able to start it up and use it this weekend. Do you think this will suffice as my CPU?

Should be perfectly fine for basic DVR. Commercial detection might be slow, though not that much. Not sure about transcoding, but that's only a concern for remote viewing.

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Love that comment! Thanks.

Interesting. I watch DVRed games every day. I have to consider this.

Lol ohh man you are going to get me in trouble with these guys. Here is one on their supported list: Enterprise Samsung MZ7KH960HAJR SM883 HXM7404Q 960GB 2.5" SATA SSD. Probably not a good price performance value for a channels dvr

Kidding aside give that laptop a try as a server. It might be perfectly fine. And if the skips are not fast enough for you slap a ssd in there. There was a noticeable difference when I went to an ssd. Channels is great software with great devs you are going to love it

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