Synology DS220+ or Nvidia Shield?

Hi all,

I recently setup a DS220+ with 6GB and just using it for photos and doc backup. I've been running Channels on my Nvidia shield with an external drive but was curious if Channels would run better on the DS220? No issues with the shield but seems like I'm not using near the available resources on the DS220+ and if it would run better, great!

Channels should run great on the nas. I have a ds920+. A little newer processor with the 4125 vs 4025. But should be fine because it has Quick Sync. You have added the extra 4 gigs of ram which you shouldn't have a problem. I have 8 on mine. I run security cameras, Channels DVR, Plex, Docker for guide updates for Pluto tv too. If it were up to me I would move it all over to the NAS and let your streaming box be a streaming box.

I have a small Brix unit with a 5th gen i3-5010U and 8GB RAM. It runs Channels, Plex, Home Assistant, Homebridge, and several other smaller domatics-type servers. I have never had an issue with transcoding remote streams nor interrupted recordings.

(And to make the remote transcoding more realistic, I spent nearly 18 months stuck in a hospital bed with really bad wifi, but never had an issue with Channels. In fact, my primary reason switching from Tvheadend/Kodi to Channels was solely for its awesome remote capabilities.)

Thank you and will work on that this weekend

Finally moved over to the DS220 and definitely a better experience than I was getting on the Shield. Changing channels is so much quicker and isn't pausing or freezing sometimes during playback

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Question...what does the number represent in the Disk window (8.4)? I didn't notice this when I was running channels via the Shield

That is % of space used.

As noted, percentage used. Here's a clearer example: