Synology DSM6 No playback

Hi I have Channelsd installed on my Synology server which I've recently bought. Everything plays OK for live TV but any recordings wont play . I can see them on the server but when I try and play or do anything with the three buttons watch,more and trash. Nothing works. The recordings are listed OK on the android app.
Please help

Which android device ?

yo what happened with this? I'm having the same problem but I am using an apple tv and I am using DSM 7

Check the dvr log. If you moved files around they might be in the wrong place.

Your server is running on a different version, and your client is a completely different platform; that's hardly "the same".

Please give details, including hardware and software versions.

(Are you sure this isn't related to your odd network setup? Your misconducted LACP setup led everyone down a path that went nowhere …)

when I click a show it doesn't work...that is the SAME! the CAUSE of the problem may be different but the problem for the end user (me) is the same.

My network works great...never really had a network issue outside of using the aggregation incorrectly.
I have multiple Apple TV 4ks with varying software versions.
Nas is a synology DS 220+ with DSM 7

I'm sorry, I can't help you. You still haven't given any details.

Perhaps someone else can offer some support.

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thanks anyway...