Synology NAS and External Storage - Save to External?

Hi, I'm wondering if I'm running Channels DVR on a Synology NAS, can I plug a USB hard drive into the unit and save recordings there? Is this possible?

I'd rather keep my WD Reds for critical data (photos/videos) and keep my recordings on a separate drive.

Yes, it's possible.

Sorry to jump on an old thread but it’s relevant - will time shifting record to the USB as well as recordings?

No. Time shifting the live buffer happens on the client device, not the server.

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Thanks, of course it does, was a daft question if I’d stopped to think about it :man_facepalming:t3:
What would the time/shift folder be on a Shield, internal memory plus any adopted storage?

It depends upon where the Channels app is installed. If the app is installed on the internal memory, that is used for your buffer; if you installed/moved the Channels app to your adopted storage partition, then that is where the buffer will be located.

Great, thanks. Sorry one more question :grimacing: What’s the best type of adopted storage to use, I’ve destroyed two USB sticks and an SD card so far due to the constant writing.

Personally, none. But if you're dead-set on on using external storage, use a USB hard drive that has an external power supply. Most every Android device cannot supply enough power to the USB ports to get consistent IO.