Synology #recycle directory security

Interesting experience here.

If I grant the "channels" app security to the "#recycle" folder in a source I've added to "Video Sources", then channels will include videos that I have "deleted" since they were moved to the #recycle directory. However, I I deny access to the #recycle directory, then the entire scan process just stops.

Log entry:

2022/03/21 15:46:42.285961 [ERR] Scanner error walking /volume1/Videos: open /volume1/Videos/#recycle: permission denied

So none of my videos are scanned. Can I suggest that "permission denied" means the scan will ignore that directory, but continue the scan?

Good idea.

I've added that in the next build, and also added an ignore for #recycle directories.

yeah, started to ask ask that #recycle be ignored (it will make it simpler for general users)