Synology RT2600ac Router - anybody using it?

Stayed away from it when they went from SRM v1.1 to v1.2 couple years ago due to all the reported issues I heard about.

I see they've released another update today, v1.2.4-8081 Update 2

Is it stable now?

Looking to get one based on performance, reliability, support, ease of use and the features I need.
Not interested in using mesh with a MR2200ac.

That is a great router. I use it.

Here is a Review by Lon Siedman.

(151) Synology RT2600ac Router Review vs. RT1900ac - Clientless VPN and more! - YouTube

I currently have their RT1900ac which works fine, never had any issues with it.
Was just curious if they had worked out all the earlier bugs on the RT2600ac.

Both are great routers. Synology keeps everything updated.