Tablo Custom Channels Error

Talbo running in Docker enter into to custom channels and gets this error!

tablo Error

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Usually means the docker isn't running

Is docker and Channels running on the same machine?

Check the docker logs then maybe the container is having some issue

no error in Tablo log on Docker

Try rebooting the tablo?

I rebooted Tablo, but it's still not cooperating. It is the only one of my docker that will not work now on Channels kind of odd since it was working before,

Can you view/download the playlist from a brower and see what's in it?

Since this is internal on your LAN, you don't have to hide the ip address or port# since nobody can access that from the internet.

What do you see in a browser at this url?

So using a browser and going to should bring up the status page for the Tablo for Channels docker container which should show the playlist url

Does it?

Of course if your browser isn't on the same device as the docker container you need to replace the local loopback IP ( with the actual IP address (like of the device running the docker container.

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Was waiting for a reply

And that url is what you're putting in the Channels DVR custom m3u Source URL field?
Screenshot 2022-10-13 at 18-19-01 Channels Settings

If true and looking at in a browser shows the playlist with your channels in it, it means the Tablo docker container is working and you configured the Channels DVR M3U source correctly.

When I tried the 127 playlist I still receiving this error invalid source url context deadline exceeded (Client.Timeout exceeded while awaiting headers)

You said you tried the 192 ip address. What exact url did you use?
Should be the IP address of the device running the docker container.
A 192.168.x.x IP address is private to your internal network, so don't worry about posting it.

It would help if you state the following;
what device the docker container is running on and its IP address
what device Channels DVR is running on and its IP address


That error is due to misconfigured DNS settings

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