I am seeing that TailScale integration is now available. Can someone help me understand what the benefit of that is? Sorry for the dumb question.

Thanks. I read that prior to posting my question…still not sure I understand the benefits of having that…can someone explain?

It’s an integrated VPN. Makes it simple to leave home and still have it appear as a local device.

Yeah...it's a split tunnel VPN. Using this, you could use Channels (or any other tool of your choice like Emby or JF) away from home without opening ports in your router or using a reverse proxy

It provides an alternative way to connect remotely to your DVR. Our port forwarding based approach to remote access is the most efficient, but it is sometimes difficult to setup and configure routers, and sometimes is prevented by certain ISP configurations. In those cases where port forwarding is not a simple solution, Tailscale provides a good alternative.

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Tailscale integration also allowed me to easily combine the OTA antenna sources from two Channels DVR servers that I manage in different locations, one at work (which picks up more channels) and one at home.

With Tailscale linking them up securely, I'm now combining the best signal channels from both.

Some explanation about that here: How create custom channel using a remote Channels DVR server as a video source - #24 by JMcGuire

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HDHR under the desk. Old school. Love it :joy:

Isn't tailscale also more secure than port forwarding?

There isn't a straight forward answer to that, but for the situations we're talking about, there isn't a meaningful difference in security.

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Thanks for all the feedback and replies everyone.