TBS & TNT not working (Spectrum)


Still not working

Same here for TBS

I am on that same train too. Thought I messed something up with my move from Windows to Synology. TNT and TBS on Spectrum. From looking at this thread it seems to be a reoccurring problem.

TBS, TNT, & TruTV are not working. I'm getting the "authz: 400 Bad Request" message. I tried rescanning the channels and got the same error. Watching live tv on the TBS, TNT, & TruTV websites using Chrome is working. Updated to latest pre-release and still not working.

Same here.

Same issue here.

Submitted: 8b151b12-0b6c-4b49-b91b-e396437d55f8

Still not working.

Still not working for me.

Still not working for me either. Re-Booted and rescan with no success.

It's not working for me either. Glad to know I'm not alone.

I opened a support ticket 5 days ago and never heard back

Same authz error on TNT. Sent email and submitted logs, 2b6238ac-0d4b-43fe-94f5-6771286257ec.

Not working for me either - same error on 2022.04.19.0104. Interestingly, the TNT app wasn't working for me either but the website was fine.

A few observations:

  • These issues all seem to be related to authentication
  • All of these issues are with WarnerMedia properties
  • The acquisition of WarnerMedia by Discovery was just recently completed, right about the time that these problems cropped up
  • A few months ago Discovery changed their backend authentication that led to many issues across their properties

Just a shot in the dark, but all of these things seem to be more than coincidental. Perhaps bringing WarnerMedia under the Discovery umbrella has brought out all of these issues once more?

These channels on XFINITY have been rock solid no problems .. I wonder what has changed with Spectrum ?

I haven't seen the devs post anything about the new pre-release

but would appear if those having the issue update to it and submit diagnostics it would help narrow down the problem?

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Confirmed fixed on prerelease 2022.04.19.2047

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Confirmed working on pre/release.

The channels are working again. Installed Pre-Release 2022.04.21.1658 and rescanned the individual channels. Thanks!