TCL Android TV not playing Homerun Channels

I just got a new TCL Android TV. My issue is that Antenna channels will not load. I also have TVE enabled and they play fine. I have a shield, mi box, and Hisense Android TV and antenna channels load fine. I also downloaded the HD Homerun app and the antenna channels play fine through it on the TCL. Any recommendations for fixing this through the Channels app?

What happens on the TV when you play one of the antenna channels?

It is just a black screen with the bar on the bottom and the circle loading.

Okay thanks. Please exit the player and immediately after submit diagnostics via Settings > Player > Support

OKay, Ill do that shortly.

I just messed with it for a few minutes earlier and noticed if i push the right arrow once I am on the black screen with the loading circle it will initiate the channel and play fine. It worked on all OTA channels.

I just submitted it and selected Video Player. I am on the Beta app and have uninstalled and reinstalled as well.

You need to try playing the channel first before submitting diagnostics

Sorry, I forced stopped the app and then let the channel load for 30 seconds. It never played video, just loaded. Submitted diagnostics under Video Player again.

I have noticed some significant stuttering on my mibox s. It still works fine on my Pixel 4. I submitted a the log file earlier after playing the antenna channel that stutters.

I uninstalled the beta and went back to the prod app. The channels seem o be loading better except FOX. FOX seems to be the only channel that is VHF. It just loads the channel and then kicks me back out to the guide. It loads quickly and plays fine on the HDHomerun app. On my Pixel 4 it plays fine as well but I do have to enable Hybrid transcoding as Hardware only just plays the audio and no video. I submitted a log after trying to load the channel.