TCP Read error

Anyone else seeing TCP Read errors, software caused connection abort lately?

Have not seen with other streaming software, but not limiting specifically to channels. I have seen it on multiple tvs.

No changes have been made to my network setup..


Depends on the full error message and what device experiences it.
Are you seeing it from a Channels Client device on the TV, or is it on the DVR server.
Probably best to submit logs from whatever is showing the error.

Yes I'll submit the logs on next error...

Basically the error looks like this

read tcp
read: software caused connection abort

Where aa is an Nvidia shield client and bb is the Nas channels is installed to.


I submitted diags, can you let me know what you see?

Submitted a as second set of diags. Please let me know what you see.

Are you seeing error messages on your TV?

Yes the error is a few posts up. I have seen it on two different clients. The error does contain port info I omitted though. Not sure what time the last one came in as I was sleeping and woke to it.

Just happened again, submitted diags

Thanks. Looks like the message is:

11-04 16:29:37.176 27611 27660 V libchannels: libchannels: hdhr_read: error: read tcp> read: software caused connection abort

This means there was a network disruption. Probably the shield is not able to keep a reliable connection to the DVR over WiFi.

If its happening a lot you can use the beta app and enable Settings > Debug > Always use HLS which will use more resilient remote streaming methods.

This is very odd. No network changes on anything.

Will I be limited to the beta for the rest of using channels or will that make it into the non beta eventually?

How do I obtain the beta?