TDS 2FA (confirm your identity)


I had TDS working as a TVE provider before. They seem to have added 2FA since I added them originally. I removed the account to try to get BTN, FS1, FS2 working again since the latest beta release to fix those channels. Now I can't add the provider back. There doesn't seem to be anyway to disable 2FA in my TDS account.

Is there anyway to work around this? Can I log in via standard chrome and then copy the chrome cache files to a location where the chrome launched by channels will find the credentials?

I'm running channels on Windows 10.


Have you tried logging in to a network site to see if that removes the need for confirmation?

Yes. I have logged into from the server in both standard chrome and incognito chrome. I still get that 2FA prompt in channels.

Are you using any VPN or custom DNS on your dvr pc?

I don't use VPN. My entire network uses "" for DNS because my router it configured to use that DNS server. I just tried using two other DNS servers (, by configuring my network settings on the dvr pc directly, and neither made any difference.

Could you add an option to show the chrome login window in the foreground, i.e. If channels is running in the foreground and not as a service?