Telly (HdHomerun proxy for iptv m3u playlists) support


Channels does not work with Telly ( because of the following:

The HDHomeRun implements multiple APIs. There is a UDP discovery API on port 65001, a TCP control API on port 65001, an HTTP api on port 80, and another HTTP api on port 5004 for streaming video. The Channels app expects all four of these to be implemented, but that proxy only implements the HTTP port 80 API.

Can you fix that ?


Sorry to respond to an old thread but this would be a great fix/implementation. TellyTV and Channels DVR would be a great combination.


The reason (as stated in the OP) that Telly does not work with Channels is because they do not properly emulate the HDHR. If Telly were to fully support Silicon Dust's API, then there would be no problem with Channels using it.

It should be noted that Silicon Dust has essentially published this API by making the source of libhdhomerun public. All Telly has to do is implement the necessary responses, and then it will work.

If this is a route you would like to take, then you need to work with the Telly developers, because the shortcoming is on their end and has nothing to do with Channels.