Telly setup

I have been able to setup an emulated HDHR device using both Xteve and Telly and load channels into the channels DVR server. From there I was able to map the guide data.

However, when I try and play a channel from either source, I am getting a tuner unavailable error. This is displayed a few seconds after trying to play something the first time, and any subsequent attempt to play a channel results in this error immediately.

I have tried completely disabling windows firewall, but that made no difference.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


You'll want to read this post (and probably move your question there for more attention):

My experience: I've gotten Telly to work by following the instructions precisely but xteve does not (similar to your experience).

I had the same experience - see my post here:

I assume you are both in USA hence false impression telly is working, while it is not for rest of the world :frowning: