Tennis Channel TV Everywhere feed out for anyone else?

Tennis channel is not working for me, the tve feed works using a browser with my spectrum credentials, this is what I get:

Same for me @tmm1

Same here.

Looks like the domain isn't resolving.
I had a slight issue and found I had o update DNS on my Synology.

Same issue....

Hum.... I can get in from my PC watch TC link, but not from the firestick TC app. Edit, was able to get Firestick TC app to work. So, it's just Channels.....

Out here. [TVE] Channel scan 94/194 TENNIS failed: POST: 404 Not Found
Updated to pre-release version 2023.05.24.1432. Rescanned DIRECTV STREAM channels, and Tennis Channel no longer on the list. Who does these things, Tennis Channel or DIRECTV STREAM?

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^ username checks out

Just upgraded to 2023.05.19.2045, Tennis Channel is still out. @tmm1

Anybody send logs individually and hear anything on this? This really needs to be fixed by Sunday at 5am when the french open starts @tmm1

I’ll send logs. Also, I completely agree with you, I would be amazing if the devs can get this one solved before Sunday. @tmm1

Logs sent: 8b092c6f-0319-488f-bce4-2280a654cc2e

2023.05.26.2239 Did it for me, Tennis Channel is working again, thanks @tmm1 and whoever else helped with the fix.

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Small correction, the channel is working but it’s streaming “The T” instead of the main feed for the Tennis Channel. Both feeds are available at the website. Any chance we can get another update soon? @tmm1

The guide information is correct for the main feed.

Okay I'll take a look. I am traveling this weekend so can't make any promises

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@tmm1 I tried 2023.5.27.0641 and I'm getting the following error and no playback when recording.
Failed to download segment 2539351: Get "skd://6ae4ee0654d24b848ed20a64ca549d71": unsupported protocol scheme "skd"

@tmm1 Thank you for the update, unfortunately it is not working for me. The web interface shows the following indefinitely:

The iPad app shows the following error:

Apple TV:

Logs have been submitted as 6ae20492-edad-4eaa-9fd2-ac6d2267d093 .

Bueller? @tmm1

We're having the same issue as everyone else. We can't watch the French Open via Channels.

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Tennis channel still not working.

Tennis channel appears to have DRM'ed their main feed. If you have Samsung TV+ (Index of /SamsungTVPlus/) you can watch T2, their secondary feed which is currently showing Sloane Stephens. If you have access to one of the Bally channels or the YES Network, T2 shows the same feed as them plus they show tennis outside of the hours the Bally channels do.

For the weekend you should be able to get away with NBC and the T2 feed.