Testflight Invitation?

I signed up for the beta, however I cant seem to locate where I get the invite key.


Should be in your inbox now.

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I signed up for the beta yesterday. I too have been unable to locate the invite key or any way to access Testflight for ATV.

I love Channels. With DVR it truly is the Holy Grail. I had looked at many options and finally paid for Channels, and once I saw what that was like I was eager to sign up for DVR. Keep up the great work.

Am I missing something? Is testflight for incremental releases and experiments as compared to what’s available in the public store? Or is it just for iOS? Either way, I’m in :slight_smile:

As of start of beta TestFlight isn’t currently needed. The App Store release of tvOS channels has all of the dvr functionality. Beta will be used for experimental features.

Not sure how they plan to add the dvr into iOS yet.

Don’t consider this Public Beta as a restricted limited beta. DVR is shipped. It happened. We’re just calling it Public Beta to set expectations that there ARE some bugs and it’s not up to the polished level we expect in ourselves.

Do I need and invitation for the new PIP features on ATV and iOS?

TestFlight access is self-serve on getchannels.com/beta