Thank you for adding remote shortcuts to Android version

Been waiting a longtime for this functionality. Great to finally be able to pull up the guide, recordings, live tv etc with one button on my shield tv.


Glad to hear it! Which remote are you using with your SHIELD?

I have two shields in the house. In one room the setup is very simple so I just use an LG magic remote. I was able to remap the colored buttons and hdmi cec commands on the remote using an android app on the shield.

In the media room with a more complicated setup I have a logitech harmony with hub, so it's quite easy to program the buttons with channels dvr.

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Cool, which app?

It's called Refresh rate.

It's not really for the purposes of button mapping but there is an option to remap hdmi cec commands. Not too many options but gets the job done. I've heard Tasker allows for more flexibility.

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