Thanks for the new tve docker image with new chrome

2023/11/04 17:00:01.324704 [TVE] action=version product=Chrome/117.0.5938.62 jsVersion=11.7.439.16 protocol=1.3 revision=@25a7172909a4cba7355365cf424d7d7eb35231f4
2023/11/04 17:00:01.326822 [TVE] action=page_ready chromeVersion=117

Is there a thread describing what this is used for? (including it with the server image I mean)

If you're running Channels DVR in a Docker Container you would use one of those images.
If you use TVE, you want to pull and run the :tve tagged image.

Yeah I know (I'm currently using the :tve image). I was just curious how Chrome is used internally. Perhaps it's for "browsing" the TVE provider's site for authorization.


Ah that's it, thanks!