Thanks to channels for flexibility!

We have a typical cable situation here: the Spectrum Cable channels are horribly BW limited -- just comparing the locals to OTA makes you mad, and the cable news channels might as well be SD. But Spectrum's Local News channel is pretty much the only source of news and weather on weekends, and their general local news coverage is comparable to the network affiliates.

Channels DVR lets us have it all with 3 sources:

  1. A CableCard Tuner just for Spectrum Local news (not on their TVE feed) -- worth the $2/mo for the CableCard.
  2. An OTA tuner for the locals in their full broadcast quality.
  3. TVE for the other Spectrum channels in better quality than their Cable Channel versions.

And Channels marking commercials + AutoSkip is perfect -- some programs, like Jeopardy, are really hard to mark accurately -- with Plex and AutoSkip often Final Jeopardy is lost! Whereas with the Channels DVR marking you just back up or scoot forward if the marking wasn't perfect.

Well done!