The colour purple

It looks much better now. The colours are more muted and looks more usable.

I am not sure that there is enough contrast yet among the active elements in the bottom and top bars and I am not convinced the tones all go together but it is way better.

I would suggest that the settings page follows the precedent of the AppleWatch app and adopts an overall dark purple colour.

This will tone with the rest of the app much better. If I have a chance later I will try and experiment with some colours to see if there is better toning opportunities.

Was playing with the colours. I think this option works reasonably well and has hopefully just enough contrast for all the elements to stand out.

The latest version of the bottom bar it is very difficult to tell what is active as the difference in colour is not enough

I personally wouldn’t want the black on my white iOS devices. White apps are IMHO better. :slight_smile:

I think apps look better white too but if it is to be purple it will hopefully look nice too