The guide data is wrong on TRVL?

I recorded on 5 July episode of "Paranormal Caught on Camera" marked as "Season 2 episode 25" - "Pushy poltergeist and more".
But according to Travel Channel website and TVTime and TVDB this is Season 2 episode 3!
What the hell? Same wrong data are on YoutubeTV.

I saw similar post here about wrong data from Disney - not only this is annoying but it makes difficult to build episode library and proper tracking what we watch.

Same issue here. I have about a dozen shows where the EPG provided the wrong data. So far as I know, Channels DVR users have no ability to correct errors. My only option is to copy the show to my desktop and manually rename it -- something like this: CorrectName S02E03 CorrectTitle (2020).mpg and then use the Local Content Beta Movies feature to copy the ,mpg file. The new Channels IOS 4.0 search function is great. If I search for CorrectShowName, I see both Movies and TV Shows. They are not grouped together nor are does the import "movie" thumbnail match, but I do see them on a single Pad screen.