The Sofabaton U1 Remote

You don't really have a "Profile", you have an extra device. But, you can change the button assignments to include any command (IR or BT) from any other device you have added.

Thanks!! This is correct, I will try to explain without being to confusing. When you program the buttons under one device, you can select that button to control a different "device". So now, my vol up, vol down, and mute buttons control my soundbar when the TV device is selected AND when the soundbar device is selected.

I bought a Sofabaton U1 a while back to test (currently using Harmony Companion remotes) - I can see that the remote has codes for my receiver to select different inputs, but when creating a macro, all I can do is enter a button on the device remote screen - so if the desired function is not mapped to a key, I can't program it into the macro - (I am trying to create the macro to power on a receiver+tv and select the proper inputs) can anyone tell me how to access the complete device menu when programming a macro?

I'll answer my own question - you can't access the full device menu - you have to assign the desired device function to a key in order to add it as a step in a macro

This Amazon review from Irimi-Ai was extremely helpful

In my opinion, this, and other shortcomings related to activity setup described above, make the Sofabaton U1 a less than desriable option - I am definitely sticking with my Harmony remotes until they stop working

Another negative—which was not the case originally—is that they now require you to create an account and sign in to use their app, which is required to program the remote. Before there were no accounts, and now it's mandatory.

They have a Kickstarter campaign for their new hub based remote.

I was able to get the Sofabaton U1 to operate much like a Harmony remote (using the advice from the Amazon review) for 3 "activities"- watching the Nvidia Shield, FireTV or Blu-Ray player - a couple of things I noticed:
(1) you can't use bluetooth remote commands in macros
(2) The IR emitter is a big problem - tight beam and limited range; by comparison the Harmony IR remotes are way better
Programming issues aside, this remote might actually be usable except for the IR problem.
I was able to disassemble the remote and noticed the IR emitter was not at the ideal angle for transmission, so I bent it, but that didn't help - a possible next step would be to drill a hole for the IR emitter in case the plastic is somehow impairing the signal - or replace it with another emitter - any technical people out there tried anything to improve this?
(There doesn't seem to be a lot of info on the internet about this remote)

Has anyone purchased the Sofa Baton X1 yet? Reviews and opinions?

I ordered one with the Kickstarter deal. Have not received it yet

Same, one on order but have not received it yet.

Yes, this is the biggest problem I have. Otherwise, the remote does everything I need it to do. The IR actually works ok for me when the batteries are brand new, but after several weeks it is noticeably degraded and can barely adjust the volume on my TV from 15 ft away.

Wow, I'm surprised you Kickstarter backers still haven't received your X1's. I have been looking forward to trying one, but I missed out on the Kickstarter. Originally I was told the remotes would be available to order from Amazon in January. The latest word was they will now be available in March, but I didn't realize not all the Kickstarter orders have even been fulfilled yet.

Am i reading this correctly that it's going to be almost $200?

I just got mine also. :grinning:

I got mine too. Very disappointing to say the least. Bad first impressions

Why bad impression. Tell me. What's bad/good with it

Activities do not work most of the time. Example: fails to change the inputs in my Denon receiver

Battery life is very bad. Needs charging every day

Screen is useless. Very low resolution and no custom icons (just some generic ones)

Very slow to react on anything. Creating activities, adding devices, anything

The hub loses connection to my Wifi daily. Everytime I want to use it, prompts me to connect to WiFi again, and again, and again.

I still have a Harmony Touch from many years ago, that still works much better in every possible regard. I was hoping this was going to be a replacement long term, but I don't think so now.

This mirrors my experience from this afternoon.

I cannot for the life of me program the directional buttons(I have the U1 and an Amazon Fire Toshiba tv), I e tried using my olde remote to program it and sleep
Selecting the command in the app but no luck. Any suggestions? You seem to have it pretty well figured out!