SofaBaton X1 Remote

Look what just showed up in my mailbox.

Looks like some schweet hardware. It would be overkill for me because I already control everything with the Apple TV remote.

One star on Amazon so far. Ouch. There are a lot of idiots out there who will give things a low rating without attempting to troubleshoot.

I see no number pad the prior generation has a number pad.

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Maybe a virtual number pad on the LCD? Better yet, a way to customize it with favorite channel logos?

that would be great but I saw on youtube that the LCD numbers are as follows all in a straight line ... which makes no sense.


The screen is minimal, at best. It doesn’t match the rest of the premium feel at all. The activities look bad on it. The screen part comes off like a hobby project.

There’s no way to add channel logos or anything. But you can create favorite buttons for devices on an activity. This includes macros. So you could probably name it ESPN and have it enter the channel numbers.

So far the remote feels nice. It’s very clicky though.

Programming it with the app would probably be fine, if the wifi on the hub wasn’t awful. All the issues I’ve had so far point at possibly the most budget wifi chipset imaginable.

It takes sooooo long for the app to discover the hub and this doesn’t happen automatically. You have to start it each time. When you add a device, it downloads the config for that device and it takes MINUTES to happen. It even shows a percentage complete. Down to a tenths space :joy:. This is baffling to me.

Any time you need to program a key, it seems to query the hub to get the list of keys because it takes like 4 seconds to give you a list. Having that cached in the app seems like it’s something that should happen considering how much you do it during setup.

Saving a key takes just as long. It’s very unclear to me why everything is so slow. But it’s bordering on the Harmony app experience, which is unfortunate because I was hoping this would improve on that especially when programming the U1 remote was so fast.


Man, how disappointing. I was hoping this would fill the Harmony void. The older $50 model would've been good enough for me if it was backlit.

I got my X1 from Amazon yesterday, along with an email on how to address common problems. They said there is an update coming around April 12 to fix some issues, so I'm not even taking this thing out of the box until then.

I have the X1 and am disappointed. I still have to use the older U1.
Maybe there is hope after the update. I'll look forward to April.

Any good news to report on this remote?

I think there’s been some firmware updates since it shipped. But I don’t remember it addressing anything I didn’t like.

Man, so disappointing.

Mine is removed. No longer using it. Total waste of money. I feel stupid

I still haven't taken mine out of the box. It sounds like there have been some improvements made, but I'm in no rush so I'll wait and hope they continue to support and get the remote to a more stable place before I waste any time on it.

No number pad and no stop button, i sent mine back for a refund.

it was kinda clunky and too fiddly.

All i want is for someone to replicate the Harmony remotes with bluetooth support

Any updates on updates for this?

I am giving it another shot seems to work great with my devices also Channels DVR (firmware is V10) .. The colored buttons work,,,

I got tired of searching for my Shield remote when watching DRM using HDHomeeRun APP.

Purposeful grave digging here...

Any improvements? Amazon reviews are a bit better, curious how this thread thinks it has improved since it's horrible launch.

I can't speak from experience using the remote (I still haven't even opened mine), but I occasionally check the SofaBaton BBS and it doesn't sound promising.