TVEverywhere list seems wrong for YTTV

I am receiving several TVE channels via YTTV which are indicated as not supported at

Can anyone else confirm? I think this list used to be correct, but now I am not so sure-

I'll play. Which channels?

CNN, Cartoon Network, TBS, TNT, probably some others as well - thestreamable list used to have these checked off but no longer - I just confirmed these are coming in - probably other channels are wrong as well

Yes all Warner media was added. Hulu and Direc tv Stream got those also.

Any particular reason you're using their website instead of Channels to check?

TheStreamable's data has been out-of-date and stale for quite some time. I don't think it's been updated in the last 6–12 months.

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This might be a better page on thestreamable. TVE web browser instead of apps

Although I would question them as to how to strean The CW in a web browser :smirk:

You're right - I think I was previously looking at the TVE web browser page

I was checking this out because I just read that YTTV might lose NBC/Universal channels - that could be a problem with my wife...