Things in the guide that make me scratch my head

I am trying to schedule movies on FXM but cannot scroll in the guide to the right ... this is really necessary ... but now I have to scroll all the way to the top change the time ... then move down to FXM and keep doing the same ..for 14 days ....

If you click the channel logo on the far left it will take you to an "upcoming" page for the channel. It's divided into sections for shows, movies, etc. You can expand the movies section to see all of the upcoming movies in the guide for that channel on one page.

Thanks that is even better. There is a break in new shows and FXM has movies commercial free.

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Sweet! I just checked and added a bunch of upcoming recordings. The only bummer is the persistent "FXM" bug (channel logo) on the bottom right of the FXM feed [...sigh...]

Regardless, there are some real classics in there! Thanks for the heads up.

That deserves its own post. Make one and I’ll add a new category for What to Watch.



Thanks @Edwin_Perez !