Thinking of buying HDHomerun for just the OTA channels. Need advice

I probably only need two streams one to watch and one to record. Now if my parents in anothe rlocation are watching too does that count?

I am thinking of just buying htis one, will it work ok?

Yes, example: it’s 7:55 and you are watching CBS your parents are watching ABC, an 8:00 recording is scheduled on NBC. It’s 8:15 and everyone is still watching their channels. That recording will fail due to no available tuner. A Quattro seems the better choice in this situation of sharing. It’s only $45 more for twice the tuners. Will the duo work? Sure, for two streams

Tuner sharing can also help with this, if you enable it on all your clients. That way if two or more things are using the same channel at once, it only consumes one tuner.

You should start with 4 tuners. Then maybe get the Duo if you still need more. But 2 tuners for something that 2 different users are watching + you might want to record something is not enough.


I know I'm telling you to double the cost, but future proof yourself with the Flex 4K. Not sure if you are in a market with ATSC 3.0 yet, but at some point you will be, so it will be worth it. You can sometimes get them refurbished for $20 off on Silicon Dust's website or eBay (though they are currently sold out).

:point_up: This.

My dad recently cut the cord, and I set him up with an HDHomeRun FLEX 4K. I own an HDHomeRun CONNECT DUO, so I was already familiar with the config. Trust me, you'll want those additional 2 tuners if you're going to be recording and watching live TV at the same time -- especially across multiple users/devices.

So far, I've found that only the Channels app is able to decode the ATSC 3.0 lineup. Of the 70 channels being picked up in our area, 5 of them are ATSC 3.0, with more to come. Read more about ATSC 3.0 AKA NextGen here.

Good I just bought flex4k so you can help once it arrives