Thinking of trying linux

I have an issue with windows 10 taking updates and rebooting and not starting channels dvr until I log in. That would be fine but I use channels remotely a lot, so can't login to my server. So can't access channels until I go home and login to windows. Question for anyone running Linux, can you turn off any updates so the pc can stay running without interruptions. I tried everything I've found to try and stop windows from updating. Sorry for rambling on. Thanks in advance.

I use Ubuntu (linux) and it does not have these issues. Channels runs as a service even if no one is logged in. Mapped drives to a NAS mount without a login as well.

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You can run Channels DVR as a service in Windows.

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Thank you both for your replies. I will look into running it as a service in windows. But I get bored when things are working well so I might try running it in linux also. Again Thank you

LOL That is how I feel really bored now ... I have my ChannelsDVR humming no missed recordings no interrupted recordings. Even using Wireless connection from my HDHR units to my Server.... everything is tuned so nothing to do.

My Server is on UNUNTU Server.

I switched over to Ubuntu Server about a month ago and I couldn't be happier. Except, I have the same issue as you and Edwin and that is it's just running along headless so I don't really have to do anything with it except check for updates about once a week. The thing doesn't even have to be restarted after an update.

I only ran into a little bit of a learning curve on a few things since I have mostly only ever used Windows but I switched over mostly for the reason you're talking about - the updates that restart the machine. I did have it set up to automatically log me in so that handled any problem, but I also enjoy the very low overhead used by Ubuntu server compared to Windows.

Yeah and with WEBMIN installed on UBUNTU Server makes maintaining it even easier.

Guess I am not the only one that was bored. I ended up trying out proxmox running an lxc container. Used debian for linux and installed docker and portainer. Ran channels inside docker that way. I even got hardware transcoding working in the container not that I need it as I run everything direct with my current hardware. Guess the one nice thing over my synology ds920+ nas is that I can run the latest version of docker. I was shocked at how old the native version was, one and half years outdated ;-(

proxmox is great for this… especially since you can share gpu across LXCs!

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