This is my desire

ok, let me try here... I receive NO "over the air" tv, none, too far away. I want to use, Channels DVR, to record Locast, which I have. I then want to skip ads. Simple enough, but, ALL Solutions I read, seem to Require OTA tv. I won't have a homerun, no antenna, Just internet. Also, if I leave DTV, will I no longer be about to watch "TV Everywhere" networks? this stuff is confusing, thanks!

Thats exactly what a Channels and a Locat subscription does. You will have to provide the Dvr hardware. If you leave DTV, you will no longer have access to DTV cable channels. Locast will give you the locals

Thank you, so, may I ask, WHAT are 'cordcutters' doing for 'TV Everywhere'? I think I'm missing something here...

Lots of us are not cord cutters here. I just have Spectrum TV streaming without any DVRs or Recievers. I use Channels DVR to record my programs. I also have OTA on HD HomeRun for all local broadcast. This saves about 24 dollars monthly from the fees Spectrum charges for their DVR and Service. Lots here are using Live streaming accounts like YTTV , Philo and many more. Most have OTA to receive local broadcast and or Locast. Some here are subscribed to Sling free account (after trial) so they can receive the free OTT's through Channels DVR TVE access, Channels 6750 +. Any OTT service you have will get you these channels automaticly through Channels DVR.

perhaps, This is the answer I am looking for? thank you very much!

There are many TV Everywhere sources to choose from.

Then check out the provider threads to see the TVE channels that each service supports. For instance Sling TV TVE selection is probably the smallest.

If you had an existing provider but its not currently active, The free TVE channels 6750+ should populate without the subscribed channels. I tried this with 3 of my pre-existing providers and it worked for all of them. So your Old DirecTV credentials should at least get you the Free OTT channels.

Do you mean cable channels?

I don't understand what you are asking. TVE channels 6750 + are free but you need to have a subscription account weather active or not. Like Sling TV. My credentials work but only the free channels will populate. The originator of the post asked about going without TVE channels and how to get them without subscription. Sling and Philo are two that I know of will get these free channels without an active subscription. But you have to had one with them in the past and still in their system. Cable networks are not free. I never said that you can get those without a provider.

no, Not cable channels per say... just as IF I got OTA tv like they say 80% of the country does... all my kids have antennas, they live in cities... when I grewup, we could maybe get 2 channels, mostly one.. of course, then, you only watched One channel at a time... hill behind the home blocked signal...
anyway, IF/when I leave DTV, I hope to Not have any _surprises... cheaper to ask questions NOW, than to be Dissapointed later.. thanks to you all for helping me out. I"m Not try to cause a Big Sensation... just talkin bout my Generation...

So you are too far away from the towers to receive an OTA antenna signal, but are still close enough to be in the Locast broadcast area? Are you using a VPN to trick it into thinking you're in a Locast area? I tried that to no avail, even though I do have a house in that area I am VPN'ing to.

no, no vpn, no tricks... I don't Remember, for sure, perhaps, its because I am a DTV user? or, perhaps, its JUST EXACTLY WHAT ITS FOR... PEOPLE BEYOND SIGNAL....?

With the few bucks you could save monthly from a minimum 5 dollar donation. You could put a decent antenna outside or up in the attic and more than likely would at least pick up the 5 major networks. And most of those are broadcasting sub channels also. Plus getting a Trial of Sling TV or Philo to get credentials, would allow you to at least access the free OTT channels without subscription. Those puny indoor antenna's claiming 100 mile range are bogus. You would be lucky to get reception 50 miles away from towers. Due to curvature of the earth 60 miles is stretching it. My antenna, I'm able to recieve 72 channels (51 without double networks.) So with the 51 I get and the 50 or 51 OTT's thats over 100 free channels you can get. I thought I was to far away to pick any channels till I invested a few bucks and was surprised what I could receive. the furthest tower I can pick up is 45 miles away with mountains in between.
Note : There is no such thing as HD antenna. I paper clip can pick up reception.

No Locast is for folks within the broadcast area that can't get a good antenna signal for whatever reason, or have no desire to use an antenna to get locals onto their streaming device, etc.

right. If too far away to receive antenna signal, Locast will not offer service.

Directv does not offer Locast. No provider offers locast. Locast uses geo-fencing technology to make sure that if you are outside a local market boundary (the “Designated Market Area” as defined by Nielsen), you cannot receive the programming stream.

Has anyone gotten a private VPN (OpenVPN, etc.) to work?

I think what Redw000d was trying to say is she cant recieve local channels via OTA Antenna... The Channels Software requires the use of Silicon Dust HomeRun of some kind...

So, here is what I think will work buy a SiliconDust HomeRun device, least expensive one from a place that will allow you simple returns if it does not work.
2) Set up the Silicon Dust device with any kind of antenna, I dont think it matters if it cant pick up any signals... The Channels DVR is just making sure you have the SiliconDust device.
3) Download Channels DVR and Locast for your city
4) Configure Channels DVR and Locast to record etc...

Not positive the above will work, but its worth a try...

Good Luck, please let me know if this works...

A physical HDHR tuner is not necessary. I have set up servers solely with Locast and TVE sources, no physical tuner on the network.

OP was stating that he is outside of the broadcast area for antenna reception and is looking for a way to get TVE channels after cancelling a provider subscription and using Locast. We argued that, if OP was truly that far away, Locast would geolocate outside of broadcast area and block the stream. So, if in fact OP has access to Locast, he probably is also able to get high quality channels with a good antenna... for free. And this is the best option for totally free TV.

Aside from that, there are loopholes such as signing up with a provider, cancelling the subscription, and retaining some free TVE... this won't work on most channels though.