Thoughts on next gen firetv 4k stick (announced Oct 2018)?


On which channels?

There is no decoder option in the app. I assume you changed the DVR server transcoder setting, which doesn't affect the player app.

If you can make a few minutes recording off a channel that's having issues and email it to [email protected] that will be helpful. Hit record from the guide, then wait a minute and go to the schedule and stop the recording. Then email the mpg file to us.


Running on CBS 2 (Chicago) at 1080i for the past 45 minutes and no freezing with the HDHR App.


You're correct, I changed it in the DVR. I tried playing movies using other apps and had no issues. Once I go back into the Channels app, I get a green flash on the screen when changing channels and a lot of green flashes when watching recorded shows. I will do as you suggested and send you a file for review.


I just sent you the file...


Thank you for the sample file.

Did you try the official HDHR app? Does it have the same problem?


This is a new 4K stick with quatro tuner


No, but I will.


The HDHR app works fine. No green screen when changing channels.


DVR playback from 1080i channel also freezes. Happens if you pause playback for a moment. Video is stuck and audio continues.
Other scenario is jump over commercial , quick pause (missed the commercial stop)and a jump back. Will reproduce and upload player logs


Running a test now using CBS OTA here in Henderson NV;on startup LIve TV
flickered green but then seemed to sync; will run for an hr or so...oh
BTW, do I have to pay another $25 for Channels on Fire TV when I already
have Channels on my Apple TV?


Secondly, I have yet to be able to play and/or record CBS OTA or Cable
with the HDHR app; NBC is also intermitant (green screen flicker..unable to
play video error)

#52 freezes about 10 or 15 minutes in for both CBS & NBC; has
to be related to de-interlacing of 1080i mpeg2 video..since my Apple TV and
ROKU Ultra play & record these just fine my guess is its related to the device itself
and not the CBS NBC feeds..


Do you have a recording where this happens every time you pause? Is it every time you pause, or only if you pause around certain points in the recording?

None of my recordings are showing this problem, so if you have one where it happens every time please upload to google drive and email me the link ([email protected])


Sent 1drv link to directory with Judge Judy 1080i recording


same here with green screen, audio works


I've submitted a new version (2.1.0) to the Amazon app store just now. It has a Decoder setting on the Player tab where you can switch to the Software decoder to work around the green screen and freezing bugs in the hardware decoder. Hopefully Amazon will fix these soon and we can rely on the hardware decoder for everything.


Do not see it in the Amazon Apps


It has to be approved by Amazon first, so it will be available sometime tomorrow.


Thanks, can hardly wait for the fix!


Updated the app and it's worked fine all morning. Thank you!