Timeline bar pops up and disappears

Every so often (about once every hour or two) the timeline bar pops up and then disappears when watching live OTA TV. This only happens on my nvidia shield. I have had the same program playing on another TV with an Apple TV and the issue does not occur. Also if I rewind the program on the shield and play it back, the issue does not happen. I notice it most when the main program returns from a commercial break. Any ideas or thoughts on which logs would be most helpful to investigate?

Submit Diagnostics from the app when this happens and post here when they finish uploading

Uploaded. Issue occurred at 12:25 PM ET.

I was watching a TVE channel yesterday and the stream paused itself during the commercial. Not sure if it's related to the OTA problem I'm experiencing.

Issue appears to be similar to Stream error during commercial break TVE.

Let me know if a new thread should be started for this TVE issue.

@tmm1 What did the logs show?

It's hard to tell. Almost looks like someone hit a button on the remote.

Can you submit more and I can see if any patterns show up

Will do next time the problem happens.

If there is momentary signal degradation in the OTA stream, would that cause this behavior?

It happens fairly often using the HD Prime also. Has been a issue since day one.

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@tmm1 Just submitted a new set of logs. Stream had been running nonstop since 9AM ET. Issue occurred around 12:55PM ET today.

Does it unpause? Is there a pause icon shown or a spinning icon shown?

Issue just occurred again and it's a spinning icon. The stream doesn't actually pause.

Submitted a second set of diagnostics for you. The issue occurred again at 1:30PM ET.

@tmm1 Uploaded another set of diagnostics. Issue occurred at 2:59PM ET. Please let me know if more information is needed to investigate.

Seems to happen to me as well on a couple OTA channels. The specific channel pixelates from time to time, so I assume channels has to re-buffer to load the channel. In other players like Plex or HDHomeRun, it just pixelates and breaks up.

@tmm1 any more thoughts on this? I suspect the corruption in the stream is causing this but the behavior isn't consistent between the Android app and the Apple TV OS app.

On Android we drop corrupted packets because some hardware decoders (firetv iirc) will choke and crash when receiving corrupted video due to signal loss. On Apple TV we don't do this, so you get pixelation instead of a complete drop out.

I put out a beta yesterday which restricts the packet dropping to FireTV only, so on the shield it should work the same way as Apple TV now (if you opt in on getchannels.com/beta)

I just opted in on the beta and will test this out. Thanks!

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@tmm1 Beta release appears to have resolved this issue. Thanks.

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@tmm1 Since installing the beta app, I've had 2 instances where the audio has become out of sync with the video. How can I help you identify the root cause? Diagnostics have been uploaded.

@tmm1 Have you had a chance to look into the diagnostics for the audio sync issue?