Timeline for in-progress recording

I know this is super-nitpicky but I would prefer that the timeline reflect the scheduled length of the show, rather than the length of the recording so-far, when watching an in-progress recording.

Not sure what you mean. The timeline shows the entire length in gray, and the recorded so-far portion in purple.

No, the timeline for a recording-in-progress is only as large as the current recording length. It continues to grow until the recording completes.

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This is the timeline for a 1-hour show, 39 minutes of which have been recorded. Note the total length of the timeline is only 39 minutes.

This is one of my pet peeves with Channels' UI. A complementary issue is that the timeline for live viewing is not reflective of the current program, but rather shows the beginning of the buffer up until the next half hour mark after the current time.

I would much rather have the current timeline show only the start and end times for only the current program, and the progress indicator to reflect the buffer. (If rewinding/behind current/live, then the timeline should reflect the previously aired program only.)

This would make no sense when you turn a show on in the middle of it it, or continue watching after that show. The timeline will always have to reflect time, for live tv,not the program you’re currently watching.

Every other DVR does this for live TV, though? It would show, in Channels nomenclature, a grey bar for the not-in-buffer portion of the show, and purple for the buffered piece.

The in-progress recording is a little trickier, as Channels is just opening a file of a certain length of time, and it's not directly tied to the live guide data. I could see that being an issue.

Please don't sidetrack this to a discussion of live TV. That subject is a rabbit hole.

Well, Channels knows the duration it is supposed to be recording for, so why can’t the timeline reflect either: a) the duration of the program as given in the guide, or b) the actual expected duration (including pre- and post-padding) of the recording?

Channels already has this information, but the clients’ UIs don’t reflect it.

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