Timeline shows spinner

I frequently have a gear icon showing when trying to view a recording. I can't fast forward as long as the gear is showing. this started when the "skip commercial" capability was put in place. what is this telling me and is there a way to turn off?

On which device, and what version of the app?

Can you post a photo of what you're seeing?

I have an Apple TV 4k hard wired using channels version 2019.07.25.0349

Aha, okay thanks for that photo.

Does this happen when first trying to watch a recording. Does it happen every single time, or randomly?

We released an update today to the App Store as v3.2.25 which has some improvements in this area.

Next time this happens, please leave the player and go to the bottom of the Settings tab, then click Submit Diagnostics > Video Player.

happens when first trying to watch and it is pretty random. If I wait long enough it goes away and all normal after that. will grab the diagnostics next time. thx