Timeline shows when antenna signal breaks up?

Recently, whenever my antenna signal is interrupted and the picture freezes/pixelates, the timeline along the bottom now pops up briefly too. This was not happening before and it's very distracting, especially when it's just a small blip that would otherwise go mostly unnoticed.

Was this something added in a recent update and is there a way to turn it off? I'm using an Apple TV 4k 2021 and the paid channels app.


Could you submit diagnostics from the app under Settings next time it happens

I too have noticed this lately. In my case it’s when I’m watching live TV on the “bleeding edge” (tiny buffer) and there’s a slight network hiccup so I get a micro-pause. In the past this didn’t cause the timeline to appear but it does now.

Thanks just submitted a report. It's really windy here today so it's happening frequently.

I too am having the same problem with Channels on my Apple TV 4K.