TiVo Stream 4K Button Detector

I have button detector setting enabled via accessibility menu. If I'm watching a recording and want to go to the guide for live TV, and I hit the "Guide" button, it goes to the screen of the recording where it asks if I want to watch or delete. It doesn't go to the channel guide. Is this normal? Is there a way to get these buttons to works consistently (hit guide button, always go to guide regardless of where the user is on the Stream 4K, or in the Channels App). Same for TiVo button, if I hit TiVo button while watching a recording, it doesn't go to the recording library, it goes to screen that asks if I want to watch or delete the recording.

This is a bug that we will be addressing in the future

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This bug is fixed in the latest alpha build.


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Works! Excellent. Thanks.