Tivo Stream 4k - Channel up/down Not Working

I don't know if I did something or if there was an app update? My primary interest in Channels DVR is combining OTA with "premium" channels. Right now I'm using Sling's TV Everywhere because I've currently got a subscription but probably going with Philo when this is live on the household TVs...

Anyway, as my Mom will also be using this, I wanted to set her up with a remote that was either same as the one she was using or dead simple. So I got a Flirc as well. I had things mostly working a few days ago. Using the Channel up/down button on the remote worked. I had mapped Page Up/Page Down to the channel up/down buttons. However I couldn't get the volume to work so bought a simple learning remote control which arrived today. I was able to teach it the regular TV remotes volume functions but I discovered that channel surfing was no longer working with Page Up/Page Down. It's not that it doesn't respond, it pops up with a brief message that it can't find the HD Homerun and then drops back to the guide. I thought at first it might be a Flirc problem but discovered that Tivo's own channel buttons are no longer working in the app as well. Same result when changing channels. Funny thing is the same thing happens when changing between Sling TV Everywhere channels. It shows the same complaint about not finding the HD HomeRun?? That seems odd.

I decided to try plugging in the Firestick with Flirc connected. And channel surfing works there? No changes made to the Flirc. Just moved it between the two devices and channel switching works in the Channels DVR app there.

What I'm not sure of is where the problem lies? I'm guessing some app updated but I'm not sure if it's Channels? HD Homerun? Tivo Stream's Android OS? When I set this up I guess I could put Mom on the Firestick but I'm concerned it's an update that just hasn't gotten to that version of the app yet.

I'd appreciate any direction on how to resolve this.



Make sure the Channel Surfing setting in the app is set to what you expect.

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Aha! I don't remember changing that but may have accidentally while going through menus trying to figure out all the options that were there. I had it set on channel surf for favorites but have no favorites. I didn't even remember seeing that option.

As long as I'm here, a separate question but still Tivo Stream/Android related. I haven't looked in depth yet but was going to find an app that would boot the TiVo Mom will be using straight into channels anytime it starts up. I haven't tried any but saw there were apps out there. Is there any way to get Channels DVR to start up either on last channel being watched (like a TV) or even first channel in the list. It's not a huge deal if not but it would help!

Thanks again for pointing out my user error! LOL

The app apparently crashes when you have no favs, so I will fix that and make it default to All in that case.

Have not tried any of the apps to force Channels as the boot up menu, but would be very interested in hearing your results if you end up trying some out.

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If I figure it out will share!