TiVo Stream 4K: I'm sticking with my CCWGTV

Even plugged in to ethernet with the same adapter I used with my Chromecast, instantaneously I had channels freeze up. Never had that with the CCWGTV, and simply based on that I'm done with the TS4K. I was mainly interested in the remote control and functionality benefits, but a solid playback experience is far more important to me.

I wonder if the fact that the USB-C interface is 2.0 impacts the speed of the Ethernet connection via USB hub? I'm guessing it does, compared to the CCW GTV.

I would love to hear from someone who has used the TiVo for a while and possibly "de-Tivo-ed" it, to see if I'm being my typical impulsive premature judging self, hahaha!

I've been running two "de-TiVo'd" TS4Ks and accessing ChannelsDVR on my NAS for about two months. No issues that I can tie specifically to the TS4K itself. Both TS4K's are connected via wired ethernet, and so is the NAS. The only issues I've seen seem to be tied to performance problems on my old, slow, NAS.

Edit: I should add that I set my playback decoder in the Channels client to "software" as the TS4K seems to have some problems with MPEG-2/HDHomeRun playback and flashes on the screen sometimes in "hardware" decoder mode.