TiVo Stream 4K intermittent pause on Live TV

Hi all, I have TiVo Stream 4Ks. Works flawlessly playing recordings. On primary TV it's Ethernet connected and I get 325Mbps on test from this Stream 4K to DVR Server, which is Synology DA9218+. When watching live TV, it intermittently pauses and shows the bar on the bottom. Other research on this support site suggests it's a "Client" buffer issue (meaning the Stream 4K device). Never a problem on an android phone client. Anyone else experiencing this?

Is tuner sharing on or off?

With OTA or other source for live tv?

Tuner sharing is off. Source channels when problem occurs are TVE channels.

Update. This still happens on MSNBC, which is a TVE channel. When watching live MSNBC., I don't even use Channels DVR anymore. I just use the NBC app (after entering cable provider credentials). NBC app works fine streaming the channels it supports. It would seem this is a Channels DVR duffering issue on the TiVo Stream 4K? Anyone else experiencing this?

I also experience this issue on live MSNBC tve on tivo stream 4k

The intermittent pause is common across all NBCU channels via TVE. The issue is with their streams, not Channels.

thanks, but when I use the NBC app to stream on the Tivo Stream 4K, which is using TVE, it works flawlessly. So based on that, its not consistent with "the intermittent pause is common across all NBCU channels via TVE"

Yes and no. While they authenticate with the same backend, there is no guarantee that the source is the same. The only way you can definitively say that it doesn't happen with NBC's TVE stream and the issue is with Channels is to see if there are any pauses when streaming from NBC's website, not their apps.