Tivo Stream 4K --> New firmware (4515)

Before I allow Tivo to update one of my TS4K's I wanted to check here to see if anyone is running Channels DVR on a TS4K and has experience with the new firmware. Any problems or issues?

Update not avail yet for mine. Prob staged rollout.

Same, sounds like from this thread that they are doing a very slow roll-out, especially after creating some login issues:

Since this is basically just an update from Android TV 9 to 10, and the backbone of CCWGTV is Android TV 10 (Google TV is basically a skin on top of Android TV), I don't foresee any issues. That said, TiVO has been able to surprise me in the past!

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In theory, that's true. What I am afraid of is that they use the upgrade to lockdown more of the OS and force you keep all the adware.

As others have stated, TiVo does rolling updates, so not everyone has the new firmware to test. I have a TS4K here that I have been needing to wipe and update for my parents, but I haven't received the update here either. (Even after wiping the device, which in the past has prompted for the firmware update during initial setup, made no difference.)

I'll periodically check the device over the next week or so once the update comes through. The device has been as de-TiVo'ed as possible without resorting to developer access and the ADB; we'll see if that persists. (Of note, I am not certain if it is an Android 10 change, or one made just for the CCGTV, but on that device developer settings must be enabled to install third-party apps.)

Mine is de-TiVo'd even more by using developer access and ADB. Plus I side-loaded the GoogleTV interface. I feel like I'm going to have to do it all over again after the update, but we'll see.

Weird, I have several CCWGTV and was able enable developer settings using the "normal" method.

Developer settings were enabled in the normal manner (repeatedly selecting the build number until the toast displayed "You are now a developer" or whatever the text is). What I was stating is that if you do not enable developer settings, you cannot install enable installation of third-party apps. (So, installing the Channels beta directly from the Play Store version won't work.)

I hit update today and it pulled it. Channels/Emby works perfect for me after the update.

Edit: Pluto TV integration with Live Channels app is broken but pretty sure it was before the update too.

One of my TS4Ks updated yesterday when I checked "Update". All seems to be working well with Channels and my other apps.

For those of us who have detivod our streams do we have to do that process all over again after the update?

My update just came in this morning and almost everything appeared to be good. The only two things I found I needed to do was re-enable USB debugging and disable "com.tivo.atom" (I'm not sure if I disabled it originally, but now for sure).

Looking though everything, it looks like all the build-in junk I disabled has remained so and all my other customizations are still in place. Strangely, it is still using the Android TV 9 settings menu, but oh well. Quick tests on the Channels app found no issues to speak of, so I'd say you are safe to go ahead and update!

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What does this do?

My understanding is that it is related to the Stream App. It might have a connection integration to some of the other built-in apps, so some people have had to re-enable it, it looks like.

Just a follow-up: earlier today I finally updated one my TS4K units. All previously disabled TiVo apps remained disabled. Also, there were no issues with the button detector in the Channels beta app.

In short, there were no user-facing issues and I would recommend the update for all.

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