Tivo stream 4k surround sound?

is there a way to get surround sound out of the tivo stream 4k? i have everything enabled in the settings as far as i can see, but it's still only getting 2.0 PCM according to my receiver...

How old is your receiver? I ask because mine is probably 10 years old so it doesn't handle some of the modern surround formats. The only surround I seem to get so far is DD5.1 from OTA broadcasts. I don't get any surround on Netflix or Prime, but I assumed it was because they use formats that my receiver doesn't support. Also, I think channels that are TVE only come in stereo.

Yes that is my experience as well.

about 2 years or so. it should be able to handle everything.

i figured maybe that was the issue, but when i run channels on my directv now osprey box i get 5.1 from everything...so this behavior on the tivo is different.

If you are getting 5.1 sound from TVE channels via Channels on some other box, then that other box is doing some type of upsampling or something, because all TVE feeds are stereo.

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this is locast...is that considered TVE?

Locast is stereo. You can click View Details on a recording to see the audio details.

(Unrelated to Channels, but...) does your newer receiver get surround from the TS4K on Netflix and Prime? I was thinking of upgrading to a newer model if it means I can get surround on some of the streaming apps. Thanks.

to be honest i don't know, i only bought it to lock it into channels so i have uninstalled pretty much everything else