TiVo Stream 4K

Channel skip not working well on the TS4K clients. Not sure why but for over a month now when ever I watch any recording on my TS4K's, I have three, the commercial skip jumps forward and skips much of the program. It does not help if the setting for commercial skip is Auto, manual or off. The problem persists. It is occurring on all three of my TS4K's.I do not have the problem on my Apple TV4 client, it is on the same network as the TS4K's. It should be noted my Channels server is at another location outside of my home network. My other property where the Channels server is located has fiber internet with unlimited date and 980Mb upload & download speed.

Is any one else have this issue with Channels client on the TS4K?

My Channels server is running on Windows 10 on a Dell Optiplex 7040 USFF. The ports are forwarded. there are a total of 7 clients that access it remotely, it's rare that there are more than two at at a time.

Do the channel breaks appear to be marked correctly in the timeline?

Yes, the breaks appear. .

I do not see an issue with commercial skip on my Tivo Stream 4K. Just guessing, but maybe it is a configuration issue. Of what I'd guess might matter, in the Channels settings on the Tivo Stream, under playback, I have streaming quality set to original and under advanced settings, I have video decoder set to software.