TIVO Stream Flashback Channel

Does Tivo have it? I haven't been able to figure it out.

Not sure what u r question is or how it is related to Channels DVR software or app.

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Well let me explain it to you in simpler terms.

I am using the Tivo 4k Stick, which I am quite certain is Android based.

I'm asking how to flash back to the previous channel, which I do believe is software based.

Would you like me spell it out any better for you? Perhaps you would like a Power Point presentation?

I'm sure nobody knew what you meant.
Now that you explained what you meant, you may get an answer.

Most TiVo users think of it as previous channel, not flashback.


It came across based on your title wording, if u were asking if there was a channel called "Flashback" on the Tivo stream app or device, which has nothing to do with channels.

Hence why clarification was needed.

I have never heard of someone calling the ability to return to previews channel as 'Flashback"..

The Channels app works the same on any Android TV device, for the most part.

But it may vary slightly based on what version of the app u are using.
The stable, beta, or alpha.

And, let me spell it out in a better way to you.

Use the search feature on the forum, and behold, you will find 50+ thread posts on how to flashback as you call it, to a previous channel. Just search "previous channel".

But i will save u the effort, double press of the Play/Pause button for most Android TV devices, like the Shield, but it is the Live button on the remote for the TiVo Stream 4K ( u need to enabled the "Button Detector" in the system Accessibility settings first.)

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If you use the button detector then the live button can be used to jump back to previous channel

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Ah. Re-enabled that in the Accessibility system setting on the TiVo. I guess it gets disabled when ever i Update the app.
yes, in the Alpha app, single pressing Live button on the remote switches back to the previous channel.

just curious i know its not a channels issue. When you pair the ts4k remote with another device running android tv 9 and enable channels button mapper the guide button works but the live and tivo (DVR) buttons don't. Just wondering.

Anyone know how to jump back on the new chrome cast?

Not possible with the CCGTV remote, as there's no Play/Pause button. You might be able to use Button Mapper, or use a different remote.

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This maybe a dumb question, but I'm not finding the answer. Where is this Button Mapper located?

I'm trying to set up CCGTV with my harmony for flashback channels.

Thanks for this reply....And I'm sorry i have one more question.

So I am assuming I install this on my Google CCGTV? And then start changing the buttons there on my harmony? I just tried this and it did not go well. Will I be able to add stuff like the 1-9buttons or go to live channel with this app?

I'm just missing something here.

You don't need Button Mapper for Harmony remotes. See https://getchannels.com/docs/apps/remote-control/advanced/#harmony-hub-remotes

Ok thanks for the tip. I'm going to dig back then.

Just so I understand.

I am going to add a computer to my Harmony. This computer doesn't have to on all the time correct? Does it have to be on initially or is it just like a virtual thing?

Once added I can just add new buttons? Can I do all this from the mobile app or does it news to be on the computer?

Yes you're just adding a fake virtual computer entry to your harmony. You can do it from any of their apps.

This is fantastic man. Thanks for your time. I got it going now. It can definitely be tough to navigate, but once u know what ur doing its easy.

What does the Live TV choice do?

Is there a button or something I can map that I can go back to live tv, if I'm currently on the guide? In other words just close the guide and go back to where I was.

I thought maybe Live TV but that seems to trip up the CC Gtv