TNT on AppleTV

This just looks awful on my device. I have the newest apple tv and matched frame rate. Does any one else see this? It seems to improve if you rewind sometimes but very choppy. Is it because the frame rate is 29 fps compared to espn which looks perfect 59 fps?

TNT is 1080i, try using a different deinterlacer

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Is that in channels settings?

My TNT is only 720P.... both TVE and Cable.

It’s because you’re watching basketball.

Sports, especially basketball, don’t look great at 30fps. Regular tv looks fine. That’s why the rest of your channels seem fine but you think TNT looks bad.

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What even is the source you’re getting it from?

It’s TVE. When I watch on cable it doesn’t look bad.

Display the stats I bet it is only 720P not 1080I.

It’s not the resolution. It’s the framerate. On cable it’s 60fps. On tve it’s 30fps.


Ah, that makes sense. Thanks.

It's not ideal, but you could attempt to turn on motion smoothing (or whatever your TV calls it). This could improve the motion issues you see while watching basketball but could make all other programming look odd if you are sensitive to the "Soap Opera Effect."

Otherwise, I'm with you. I can't watch 30fps sports.

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I have noticed the same issue with TNT on TVE on an ATV and I don't think the issue is because it's basketball, although I agree it's framerate and not resolution related. Other TVE channels show basketball just fine (like ESPN) and I have also noticed that sometimes if I pause then then hit play the "stuttering" issue goes away sometimes, but then eventually returns. It seems like sometimes it's worse than at other times. No idea how to address this though other than to watch on another device. One thing to note is that I have seen this on my non-4k ATV but haven't tested or checked on my other 4k ATV to see if perhaps it is related to the non-4k ATV only?

Espn is 60fps over tve. 30fps does make it stutter but it is more constant as opposed to something that clears up periodically. For me it was noticable during the olympics whenever a ball or a puck would move across the screen. Otherwise it wasnt too bad.

In general, my TVE looks great but that was after i swithched to the experimental deinterlacer and video drivers. Set my chroma to 4:2:2. Set res to 4k sdr. Turn match content and frame rate on. Turn off ALL TV post processing. It should be illegal to have this enabled on a TV by default. It was the source of the random jerky picture that would pop up occaionally and drive me nuts. Not just on one particular TV, on both my new sony and my new samsung.

Now my Tv looks great but i had to go through pain to get here.

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I’ve had issues with jitter before, and I’m pretty sure it’s the motion smoothing. Once I turned it off completely, the jitter issues disappeared. However, watching fast-paced sports at 30fps (the frame rate of TNT on TVE) is never going to be great (and turning off motion smoothing may make it worse in some ways, though it will be a more stable picture overall). Unfortunately there’s no real way to get better quality on TNT and other 30fps channels in Channels short of getting a CableCard, appropriate tuner, and using that instead of TVE (and YMMV as far as getting that working - cable companies are no longer required to, and some do but encrypt all but basic channels making them unavailable in Channels).